Boston Early Music Festival

"The second BEMF opera CD, Lully’s Thésée from the 2006 Festival and released in 2007, earned BEMF its second Grammy nomination in the Best Opera category. At the 2005 Festival, BEMF released its first commercial opera recording featuring the 2003 operatic centerpiece, Conradi’s Ariadne. An instant audience and critical success, this recording marked the beginning of BEMF’s outstanding contribution to the current opera discography. Conradi’s Ariadne was followed by Lully’s Thésée, the 2001 operatic centerpiece, and both recordings received Grammy nominations in the Best Opera category. The third BEMF opera CD, Lully’s Psyché from the 2007 Festival and released in July 2008, earned BEMF its third Grammy nomination in the Best Opera category."

Thésée (Lully)

Yulia Van Doren, Cérès
Aaron Engebreth, Un jeu
Harry van der Kamp, Ægée
Marek Rzepka, Mars
Laura Pudwell, Médée
Ellen Hargis, Æglé
Mireille Lebel, Dorine
Amanda Forsythe, La grande prêtresse
Aaron Engebreth, Un plaisir
Howard Crook, Thésée
Olivier Laquerre, Arcas
Suzie Leblanc, Cléone
Marc Molomot, Bacchus
Teresa Wakim, Une bergère
Paul O'Dette, Direction musicale
Gilbert Blin, Mise en scène
Stephen Stubbs, Direction musicale
Robert Mealy, Premier Violon
Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, Orchestre
Boston Early Music Festival Chorus, Choeur


Enregistré : 5 sept. 2006 au 12 sept. 2006
Où : Radio Bremen's Concert Hall, Boston

Lancement : 2008