Boston Early Music Festival

The GRAMMY-winning Boston Early Music Festival presents an enchanting spectacle of music and dance with an all-new production of Le Carnaval de Venise, André Campra's captivating 1699 opéra-ballet. Join four star-crossed lovers as they experience the delights of the Carnival season in Venice—enjoying games, dances, and even a brilliantly realized “opera within an opera”, a miniature Italian opera on the Orpheus myth. This exquisite gem joins the elegance of French dance with the boisterous hilarity of Italian commedia dell’arte to produce a splendid feast for eyes and ears!

Le Carnaval de Venise (A. Campra)

Virginia Warnken, Spinette, an Armenian
Erica Schuller, Armenian Princess, a Bohemian, a Gondolier, a Nymph
Olivier Laquerre, Carnaval, Follower of Music
Josée Lemos, Nerine, a Slave, an Armenian
Karina Gauvin, Leonore
Mireille Lebel, Minerve, Fortuna, a Courtisane
Jason McStoots, Castellans' Chief, a Gondolier
Molly Netter, Euridice, Follower of Fortune
Douglas Wiliams, Rodolphe, Follower of Dance
Nathan Medley, Opera Castrato, an Armenian
Christian Immler, Pluto, Opera Manager, L'Ordonnateur
Aaron Sheehan, Spinette, an Armenian
Teresa Wakim, Proserpina, an Opera Singer
Amanda Forsythe, Isabelle
Jesse Blumberg, Leandre
Stephen Stubbs, Musical Direction
Caroline Copeland, Choreography
Paul O'Dette, Musical Direction
Gilbert Blin, Stage Director
Melinda Sullivan, Dance Director
Robert Mealy, Concertmaster
Boston Early Music Festival Orchestra, Orchestra


11 Jun 2017, Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Sun. @15:30
14 Jun 2017, Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Wed. @19:00
16 Jun 2017, Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Fri. @19:00
18 Jun 2017, Cutler Majestic Theatre, Boston Sun. @15:30


"A powerful figure, his sonorous baritone called on the assembled masquers"
    - Virginia Newes  (