Toronto Consort (217)

"The grand finale to our season is the greatest masterpiece of Medieval music theatre: a wondrous telling of the story of the writing on the wall and Daniel in the lions’ den. A full theatrical production, with the Consort Medieval players and singers joined by Kevin Skelton in the role of Daniel; Olivier Laquerre, Derek Kwan and Bud Roach; and the young voices of the VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto, this is an event not to be missed."

The Play of Daniel, «Ludus Danielis» (ÉCSPB)

David Fallis, A Soothsayer, An Evil Counsellor
Kevin Skelton, Daniel
Michele DeBoer, The Queen
Bud Roach, A Noble, an Evil Counsellor
Olivier Laquerre, Belshazzar
Derek Kwan, A noble, Darius
Paul Jenkins, A Noble, an Angel
John Pepper, A Soothsayer, Habakkuk
Alex Fallis, Stage Director
Toronto Consort, Orchestra
Viva! Youth Singers of Toronto, Choir


22 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Fri. @13:00
23 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Sat. @20:00
24 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Sun. @15:30


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"As a strapping, intemperate Belshazzar, baritone Olivier Laquerre drank and sang with delicious, full-bodied lustiness."
    - Ian Ritchie  (

"[Laquerre] was a strong-voiced King Belshazzar."
    - Leslie Barcza  (Barczablog)