Toronto Consort (217)

"The grand finale to our season is the greatest masterpiece of Medieval music theatre: a wondrous telling of the story of the writing on the wall and Daniel in the lions’ den. A full theatrical production, with the Consort Medieval players and singers joined by Kevin Skelton in the role of Daniel; Olivier Laquerre, Derek Kwan and Bud Roach; and the young voices of the VIVA! Youth Singers of Toronto, this is an event not to be missed."

The Play of Daniel, «Ludus Danielis» (ÉCSPB)

Olivier Laquerre, Belshazzar
Derek Kwan, A noble, Darius
Paul Jenkins, A Noble, an Angel
John Pepper, A Soothsayer, Habakkuk
David Fallis, A Soothsayer, An Evil Counsellor
Kevin Skelton, Daniel
Michele DeBoer, The Queen
Bud Roach, A Noble, an Evil Counsellor
Alex Fallis, Stage Director
Toronto Consort, Orchestra
Viva! Youth Singers of Toronto, Choir


22 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Fri. @13:00
23 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Sat. @20:00
24 May 2015, Trinity-St. Paul's Centre, Toronto Sun. @15:30


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"As a strapping, intemperate Belshazzar, baritone Olivier Laquerre drank and sang with delicious, full-bodied lustiness."
    - Ian Ritchie  (

"[Laquerre] was a strong-voiced King Belshazzar."
    - Leslie Barcza  (Barczablog)