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"Jean Baptiste Lully's acknowledged masterpiece, PERSÉE was composed for Louis XIV, and is lovingly recreated here by the early music specialists of the Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir. Marshall Pynkoski's lush production features mesmerizing scenery and effects, which evoke the opera's original 17th-century performances."

Persée (Lully)

Vilma Indra Vitols, Venus, A Warrior Nymph
Marie Lenormand, Andromède
Monica Whicher, Mérope
Olivier Laquerre, Céphée, Medusa
Curtis Sullivan, Cyclops, A Gorgon, A Triton
Colin Ainsworth, Mercure
Cyril Auvity, Persée
Stephanie Novacek, Cassiope
Alain Coulombe, Phinée
Michiel Schrey, Euryale
Jeanne Lamon, Musical Direction
Hervé Niquet, Conductor
Jeannette Lajeunesse-Zingg, Choreography
Marshall Pynkoski, Stage Director
Tafelmusik Chamber Choir, Choir
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra
Opera Atelier, Company


Recorded : 28 Apr 2004
Where : Elgin Theatre, Toronto

Released : 2008


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"Laquerre [has a] commanding bass voice that never sounds harsh."
    - Brian J Hay  (Amazon Reviews)

"Laquerre is a versatile singing-actor"
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Laquerre [is] equally convincing as the dignified King of Ethiopia or as the whimpering Medusa"
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Laquerre takes control of the stage with his presence"
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Laquerre [is] gifted with good looks, wit, plenty of charisma, and a deep voice of pleasant timbre"
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Laquerre plays on this through effective moves and color in the voice."
    - Wes Blomster  (

"[Laquerre's] Medusa stands above the croud in terms of interpretation and wit."
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Laquerre's Medusa is amusing and amused about “her” misfortune."
    - Wes Blomster  (

"[Laquerre] runs the gamut of facial expressions and grandiose body language."
    - Wes Blomster  (

"Céphée's “Je perds ma fille, hélas!” is hearfelt"
    - Wes Blomster  (