“Within the specialty of performing early music on violin and viola, the viola d’amore is yet another sub-specialty. I do not get the chance to play this magnificent instrument professionally nearly as often as I would like, so I was thrilled when Analekta gave me the opportunity to share my love of this repertoire with you. When I hear the harmonic splendour of the viola d’amore resonating beside my ear, I am transported into a whole other soundscape.” © Hélène Plouffe Translation: Peter Christensen

"Betrachte meine Seele" (Bach)

Olivier Laquerre, Baritone
Chloe Meyers, Viola d'Amore
Erin Helyard, Harpsichord
Hélène Plouffe, Viola d'Amore
Amanda Keesmaat, Continuo


Recorded : 1 Sept 2010
Where : Église Saint-Augustin, Mirabel

Released : 2011