Opera Atelier

Persée (Lully)

Colin Ainsworth, Mercure
Marie Lenormand, Andromède
Monica Whicher, Mérope
Michiel Schrey, Euryale
Vilma Indra Vitols, Venus, A Warrior Nymph
Cyril Auvity, Persée
Stephanie Novacek, Cassiope
Alain Coulombe, Phinée
Olivier Laquerre, Céphée, Medusa
Curtis Sullivan, Cyclops, A Gorgon, A Triton
Hervé Niquet, Conductor
Marshall Pynkoski, Stage Director
Jeannette Lajeunesse-Zingg, Choreography
Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Orchestra
Jeanne Lamon, Choir
Tafelmusik Chamber Choir, Orchestra


24 Apr 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Sat. @19:30
27 Apr 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Tue. @19:30
28 Apr 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Wed. @19:30
30 Apr 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Fri. @19:30
1 May 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Sat. @19:30
2 May 2004, Elgin Theatre, Toronto Sun. @14:30


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"For Outstanding Performance [...], I would nominate [...] Olivier Laquerre as both Céphée and Méduse in Persée"
    - Christopher Hoile  (theWholeNote.com)

"the entire tone of the piece changes and the audience is laughing with Laquerre"
    - John Coulbourn  (The Toronto Sun)

"Laquerre [is] magnificient"
    - John Coulbourn  (The Toronto Sun)

"Laquerre adds unexpected comedy."
    - Jon Kaplan  (NowToronto)

"Medusa [...] sung and flamboyantly acted by baritone Olivier Laquerre"
    - Jon Kaplan  (NowToronto)

"Laquerre is [...] imperial as King Céphée "
    - Paula Citron  (Classical 96.3 FM)

"Laquerre is [...] hysterically funny as Méduse."
    - Paula Citron  (Classical 96.3 FM)

"Laquerre, a resoundingly regal King Céphée"
    - Robert Everett-Green  (The Globe and Mail)

"Laquerre, [...] became in Act 3 a lascivious Méduse"
    - Robert Everett-Green  (The Globe and Mail)

"The cast [...], features a bravura star turn by the 6-foot-7 Canadian baritone Olivier Laquerre"
    - William Littler  (The Toronto Star)

"Laquerre [...] makes a properly dignified King Céphée of Ethiopia "
    - William Littler  (The Toronto Star)

"[Laquerre] dons the snaky locks to make a properly preening drag queen Medusa"
    - William Littler  (The Toronto Star)