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Tsarsounds Studio

The «company» name given to all professional things I do that are not directly related to singing. For example, all the coding (PHP), database (MySQL) and the media production (audio/video recording and editing) I do for the inner workings of this website and the integration of its content, is said to be made by the Tsarsounds Studio. The other company involved in the conception of this website is Mary Bella’s «Maestra Web Design», which provided the «shell» and «frame» for This is also where all my design questions and requests are directed.
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Vocal Project

I’ve always loved singing in vocal ensembles and, by extension, being fascinated with the idea of singing in harmony when there are no other singers around. This project (let’s call it Tsarsounds Studio’s most ambitious project) is the result of countless hours of research, programming and integration of many different softwares and hardwares. Mainly Ableton Live 8, ControllerMate, MIDI (softwares) and VoiceLive 2, all of which is controlled by a very flexible gamepad, the Razer Nostromo (hardware). The whole setting allows me to sing while I control the harmony with only one hand.
Vocal Project's Page | Ableton Live | VoiceLive 2 | Nostromo Razer

French Horn

By now, you can guess I have a strong interest in everything computer, but what is probably less known is my other musical passion and skill: playing the french horn! I first played from 1989 to 1998 and picked it up again 13 years later. I’ve been an associate with the Queen’s Own Riffles’ Band since 2011 and playing with the Toronto Community Orchestra since 2014.
My French Horn Page | Toronto Community Orchestra
Queen’s Own Rifles’ Band | Queen’s Own Rifles of Canada